Friday, February 11, 2011

"The Moose Hunt", Frankenstein #9 (1947)

I've decided to follow Gabriel's lead and start a new blog for my own cartooning, and keep this blog just to feature stories by the comic book greats that inspired me. So don't be surprised if my already sparse commentary gets even more abridged. The stories should be the main thing, anyway. The new site is here: The Eye of Mongomblog

So with that, here is some more of the great Dick Briefer..."The Moose Hunt" from Frankenstein #9 (Sept-Oct 1947):

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

More Tubby!

Long before Eric Cartman, there was another trouble-making fat kid you would be fool to match wits against: Tubby Tompkins. Writer John Stanley was genius to pit his antihero against wealthy brat Wilbur Von Snobbe. When the entitled abuse their power, everyone will root for the powerless, even a manipulative narcissist like Tubby.

For more John Stanley, I refer you to Frank M. Young's excellent blog, Stanley Stories.

Here is “The Stamp Collector” and “The Captured Flying Saucer” from Tubby # 10 (Dec 1954):

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