Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Frankenstein and the Youth Restorer" by Dick Briefer

The more I reread this work, the more I'm convinced it should be collected. The recent collections of Fletcher Hanks and Boody Rogers are very nice, and soon we should be seeing a collection of Milt Gross' comic book work. A color collection of Briefer Frankenstein comics would fit right into that section of the bookshelf.

"Frankenstein Sees the Effect of the Youth Restorer" is the third of five stories from Frankenstein #4 (September-October 1946):


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog, Doug! I've been out these days.
    Regarding the horror stories, it may be of interest to you the available digital copies of some of my favorites sites. It's more than likely you know them now, but just in case... :)

    Again, thanks a bunch for your gorgeous blog and sharing!

  2. Thanks, Gabriel! I only knew about one of these sites!

  3. Sir,
    Thanks for posting all these Dick Briefer Frankenstein comics. I've been curious about them since I was a little kid, but never could find any. Now that I can finally see them I love them. They seem way ahead of their time. This has to be one of the greatest impossible-to-find comics. It seems very Nutty Mad-ish.

    Anyway, thanks again!



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