Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Watch Out For That Tree!

"George of the Jungle" is one of my all-time favorite cartoons. I wish they had made more than one season; but I suppose if Jay Ward had continued to make cartoons, the politically correct would have taken all the fun out of them. Ward probably would have had to water down Bullwinkle and the gang so they were just as bland as anything coming out of Hanna Barbera or Filmation in the 1970s.

Only two issues were produced by Gold Key. I always wonder how new books sometimes get killed so quickly...I assume more issues were planned, but only two were finished when the cartoon was cancelled (tie-ins usually only last the life of the show). One cool thing about these comics is that they are actually adaptations: the scripts were based on episodes from the series.

The art is credited to Paul Fung, Jr.

Here is George of the Jungle #2 (1969):


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  1. George of the Jungle was a parody of Trazan created by Jay Ward to also created Rocky and Bullwinkle,Peadody and Hermin as well as Dudley Doright


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