Friday, April 10, 2009

"Frankenstein Meets the Terrible Werewolf" by Dick Briefer

Alter Ego #41 ran some "Frankenstein" comic strips that Dick Briefer had drawn as a tryout (in the 1970s) for syndication. This werewolf story was one of the stories he adapted into those strips (another story from issue number 4, "Frankenstein and the Sorcerer", was also adapted into the strip...I will be uploading that story soon). 25 of his 61 tryout strips are reprinted over 5 pages. It also has an article on different versions of Frankenstein in the comics, some Alex Toth sketches of Briefer's Frankenstein, and a 2-page biography of Dick Briefer, written by Dick Briefer himself. Back issues are still available from Twomorrows: buy one here.

"Frankenstein Meets the (Terrible) Werewolf" is the second of five stories from Frankenstein #4 (September-October 1946):


  1. Thanks for the great Frankenstein stories. Bizarre, total fun.

    I'm having a ball reading the stories you're posting. Great stuff!

  2. Thanks, Pappy! I was only going to post these two issues, but I'm really enjoying rereading them so I might put up some more down the road. I have to go back and check which issues you posted first. I think I have 1 or 2 more issues that you haven't shown.


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