Monday, March 27, 2006

How To Be A Cartoonist

From Dennis the Menace #42 (1959) comes an autobiography and a quick bit of advice from creator Hank Ketcham. Also featured is a quick background on the great ghost team that produced the Dennis comic books, Fred Toole and Al Wiseman:

Here's the cover from Dennis the Menace #8 (1955); Wiseman is credited for all of the art and covers for the first 46 issues, but not all of the covers have Ketcham's signature. I believe in the comic strip, the way to tell the ghosted strips is by the absence of the signature...But that rule probably only applies to the strip. And those adults in the background do look more like Wiseman's work to me:

And finally, a 4-page Punky filler story from Dennis #8, with some really cool stylized animals!


PencilForHire said...

This is fantastic Doug, I just printed out the Ketcham article, thanks for posting it!


7:07 PM

Doug said...

Thanks Mike!

10:20 AM

Bill Alger said...

Hey Doug,

Great site! If you like Wiseman, I’ve set up an Al Wiseman blog at . Please check it out if you get the chance (& click on "archives" to see all the posts).


5:43 AM

Doug said...

Thanks, Bill! Your site looks terrific; I only know Wiseman from his Dennis comics, so I'll definitely be checking out your blog regularly!

6:08 PM

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