Friday, June 12, 2009

Four Color #200: Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears

During Chuck Jones tenure as a director with Warner Brothers, he developed some memorable nemeses for Bugs Bunny such as Marvin the Martian, Gossamer (also called "Rudolph" in early appearances, The Crusher, the incredible bull from that bull-fighting cartoon, Baby-Face Finster, and Witch Hazel. He also created a hilarious version of the Three Bears, featuring a quick tempered Papa Bear, a ditzy Mama Bear, and a half-wit giant Baby Bear. Their debut was in "Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears" (1944).

One odd thing about this comic is that Bugs is completely out of character. He is almost timid in his encounter with the Bears, and never once does he give them the business. In fact, the only character who gets physically hurt is Bugs himself, and that's just wrong. But I present it here for historical purposes, since I don't believe the Three Bears made many appearances in these early comic books, and it is pretty fun to see them in print.

The artwork is credited to Roger Armstrong.

"Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears" is from Four Color #200 (1948):


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