Monday, January 26, 2009

Great Supporting Players #1: Little Ambrose

Bob Bolling created a lot of characters in Little Archie that had no teenage counterparts in the regular Archie titles: Evelyn Evernever, Fangs Fogarty, Bubbles McBounce, Ludwig La Stanza. The best of these was poor shrimpy Little Ambrose, Little Archie's "picked-on pal". Ambrose was the outcast, always looking to be accepted by the "good ol' gang", even as they avoided and shunned him. When they did include him, it was usually in order to exploit him in some way. But Ambrose never minded; he just wanted to be part of the gang. Somehow he brought out the alpha dog in all of the boys, the worst offender being Little Archie himself.

Here is a story from Little Archie #10 (Spring 1959):

Little Ambrose got his own comic book as well. According to the inside cover, it was in response to letters they had received, implying that the character was popular. However, poor Ambrose never got a second issue. Here is a story from that one shot (September 1959):


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