Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hold That Were-Tiger!

Mixing genres is always fun...and superheroes and horror tend to work well together.

This is a great formula from the Golden Age. You have two characters that are great friends, but then some circumstantial evidence points to one of them as a killer, and the other friend is immediately suspicious. Then after everything is ultimately cleared up, there is one or two panels at the end where they make up and return to status quo...apology accepted!

You have to wonder about the whole "wisdom of Solomon" thing sometimes. Here, Cap's logic runs something like this: The killer were-tiger can talk, therefore he must be Mr. Tawny the talking tiger. Correct logic would more likely be: If Mr. Tawny is a tiger that talks, then there are possibly more tigers that talk. A better basis for his suspicion could have been the fact that Tawny is likely the only known tiger running loose in the city.

Anyway, here's Captain Marvel versus the supernatural beastie from Captain Marvel Adventures #142 (March 1953):


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