Saturday, March 28, 2009

Donald's Big Imagination by Carl Barks

This story is a special favorite of mine. It is the first story I can remember reading as a boy (in a Gold Key reprint) where I had my moment of recognition of "the Good Artist". Specifically, it is Barks' depictions of ordinary objects in ever increasing scale that made me realize "hey, this guy's good!" I didn't know his name until much later, but from that point on I sought out the Donald Duck reprints that had the recognizable Barks touch.

Also worth mentioning, Gyro Gearloose apparently invented virtual reality in 1957!

This story originally appeared in Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #199 (April, 1957):


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  1. Hi, found the previous story, vol. 17, No 6, March 1957! couldn't find anything about it so just now here. thanks, David..


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