Friday, March 27, 2009

Frankenstein by Dick Briefer

I've been reading a lot of these great old comics on other blogs, and I figure I should contribute something to the online Dick Briefer archive.

I have copies of issues #3 and #4, and I will be uploading both issues in their entirety (but probably one story at a time). But first I have some Walt Kelly and maybe some more Barks coming up.

In the meantime, why not check out the stories that are already available? At Pappy's Golden Age Blog, you can find an awful lot of Frankenstein, look for the stories here. He also has the "origin" story from Frankenstein #1. Over at Joyville, Gabriel has posted one of the later horror stories, "Entranced". Enjoy!


  1. Hi ho Doug,
    Thanks so much for the link!
    I'll lie in wait for reading these issues. So thanks in advance for your unselfishness too. Anyway, Kelly and Barks will make the wait more enjoyable.

  2. Thanks Gabriel! I don't have many of the Frankenstein horror issues, so I hope you will post more from them!


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