Monday, March 23, 2009

Little Archie by Samm Schwartz

Readers of Jughead will probably recognize Schwartz's art right away. He was the main artist on that title well into the 1970s.

While I still think of Bob Montana as the iconic Archie artist, the three-headed monster of Schwartz, Harry Lucey and Dan DeCarlo made the regular Archie titles some of the best-looking humor comics of the 50s and 60s.

Schwartz did a lot of artwork in the Little Archie books as well; I don't know if he wrote any of these stories, but the amount of pages he turned out would suggest he worked with scripters for most, if not all, of his stories.

Here is "House Broken" from Little Archie #8 (Fall, 1958):

Here is "Ride or Wrong" and "Sum Friend" from Little Archie #9 (Winter, 1958):

Here is "For Friendship's Ache" from Little Archie #9 (Winter, 1958):


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